2005 / 2006 Schedule (Fall)

Classes begin September 12th, 2005. Class times are subject to change. We will adjust times to accommodate enrollment where possible, so if the time's not right let us know.

Monday Beg.Tap I 5:30pm  
  Beg. Jazz I 6:15pm
  Beg. Tap (9+) 7:00pm
  Beg. Jazz (9+) 7:45pm
Tuesday Beg. Ballet I 5:15pm Beginning Ballet One
  Beg. Ballet I/II 6:00pm
  Ballet A 7:00pm
  Beg Ballet (9+) 8:00pm
Wednesday Creative Art (7 to 10) 4:45pm Happy children excel in life and benefit from exposure to activities and training in the Arts. Your child is important to us! At Blue Bell Art and Dance Studio, we strive for excellence in instruction while allowing our students to take pride in their accomplishments and personal growth.
  Hip-Hop** (6,7,8) 5:45pm
  Hip-Hop** (9 to 13) 6:30pm
  Hip-Hop** (teen) 7:30pm
Thursday Intro. Drawing (7 to 12) TBA* Hip Hop Group
  Teen/Adult Jazz 5:30pm
  Teen/Adult Tap 6:30pm
  Teen/Adult Ballet 7:30pm
Friday Tumble/Cheer (6-8) 5:15pm  
  Tumble/Cheer (9-12) 6:00pm
  Inro. To Acting (7-14) 7:00pm
  Intro. To Acting (adult) 8:00pm
* To Be Announced
**Hip-Hop students will require jazz training at additional cost